Rossi: Publication 'Surely Within 2014' (Maybe first half)

E-Cat watchers are always wondering when the next shoe is about to drop. A comment of Marco Serra on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today expresses feelings that are probably typical of many people hopeful for good news from Rossi and Co.

We all know that a long-term test on eCat is running. Can you tell us when will it be completed ? I mean the data collection phase, because data analysis time is probably hard to predict.
Please excuse my impatience but I read this Journal every morning in the hope for good news. I’m a bit anxious about the increasing global warming because I trust zero the human beings to cut theirself comfort in order to reduce CO2 emissions. ECat is to me the only hope we have.
I pray God for you and your work

Andrea Rossi replied:

Thank you for your attention, I sympathize with you. I do not know when we will publish, because it does not depend on me, but surely within 2014. I dare to foresee before August/September.
But this is not an engagement.

I think here he is referring to the report of the internal long term testing that is being conducted by his US partner. The second long term testing regimen is apparently being conducted by an independent team who Rossi says will publish in their own way on their own schedule — like the Levi team earlier this year.

Once again, we are waiting. I will say that Rossi’s track record so far has been good regarding the things he says will happen. We were waiting for a long time for the Levi report which Rossi said would happen, but he did not provide a set date for it. It sounds like he, like us, is anxious to go public — but is at the mercy of others and has to abide by their timetable.