25 Economic Impacts of the E-Cat

The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World.

What the E-Cat represents is simple: a source of cheap, clean, compact, portable, and abundant power. Such a revolutionary alternative source of energy is tremendously needed in our world, and its arrival and proliferation will affect countless businesses, industries, and sectors of our economy. No aspect of our civilization will remain untouched. This article attempts to list and briefly describe some possible impacts. It should be stated, of course, that no one can predict the future and there are many variables – like government regulations – that may alter the course of this technology.

1. Robotics – Currently, most industrial robots are either tethered to a power supply or utilize large, heavy batteries.  E-Cat technology could eventually lead to the creation of small, portable power supplies that could potentially last for months or longer. Imagine humanoid robots performing house hold chores or running errands: this could be the future.

2. Medicine – All sorts of medical devices require power. Portable E-Cat power supplies could provide long lasting power supplies for everything from pacemakers, defibrillators, portable respirators, artificial hearts, to prosthetic limbs.

3. Automotive – In modern vehicles there are many systems that can fail: alternators can stop working, fuel injectors can get clogged, radiators can leak, and so forth. If a vehicle utilized a portable E-Cat power supply, many of these systems that are often prone to failure could be eliminated. Also, due to space savings from the removal of a traditional internal combustion engine and fuel tank, vehicles could be completely re-designed. A whole new generation of low maintenance vehicle with near infinite range could enter the marketplace.

4. Recycling – The recycling industry is very energy intensive. Every aspect from the collection of materials, sorting, and processing requires power. If plants had access to cheap power from E-Cat generators, the industry could gain an economic advantage. If the cost of recycling became low enough, companies may start buying or leasing old landfills to gather the materials they contain.

5. Internet – Hosting web pages and databases, such as Google, requires massive server farms that consume huge quantities of power. Many companies are building large solar power plants to provide the electricity for their facilities. Instead, with the E-Cat, these companies could save huge amounts of space and money. I could imagine every rack of processors being powered by a small cold fusion generator. These generators would produce power twenty four hours a day regardless of weather conditions.

6. Food Production – Old fashioned, outdoor agriculture could become a technology of the past. Right now, it is possible to grow food rapidly and cost effectively indoors. In certain European nations, companies have developed methods of utilizing LED lighting, hydroponics, and control of environmental factors to produce huge crops in small spaces. With a source of dirt cheap energy, this technology would be even more advantageous. Many major cities may build skyscrapers dedicated to food production.

7. Transportation – If you buy a bus ticket to travel somewhere, a significant fraction of the money goes towards fuel costs. Once the E-Cat technology is incorporated into vehicles, the cost of travel could go down. In addition, with fewer systems to fail, bus and taxi companies could save money on repair costs. This would be a huge benefit for individuals that cannot afford their own private vehicles. With cheap access to transportation, people could travel more for work, education, or recreation.

8. Electronics – The latest cell phones and laptops only have a battery life of half a day or less with constant use. Utilizing E-Cat based power supplies, they could stay active for months or years. Obviously, such a device that never has to be recharged would become extremely popular. In addition, with an abundant source of power, portable electronics could be made with greater processing capabilities.

9. Heating – Even before E-Cat’s that produce electricity directly arrive on the market, there will be versions that produce dirt cheap heat at almost any temperature you require – as long as it’s under the melting point of nickel. This will allow for affordable heating of homes and businesses. In addition, industrial processes that need heat – for example refineries – could utilize this technology instead of using electrical power from the grid or burning fossil fuels. Fuel shortages in winter will become a thing of the past. What I would like to see are huge indoor gardens and greenhouses located in frigid parts of the world.

10. Solar –  Why use solar panels that take up a great deal of space and only produce power during the day? The E-Cat will provide compact power regardless if there is light. I expect solar power to become totally obsolete. Although this is NOT investment advice, I expect all stocks of solar power companies to drop significantly. Anything solar power can do, the E-Cat can do better. For example, does your business need a way to produce its own electricity? A nickel hydrogen reactor will be able to produce it in a fraction of the space, twenty four hours a day, with no battery backup, and with low installation cost.

11. Wind Wind power requires not only massive amounts of horizontal space but also vertical space as well. When a community can be powered by small, portable devices, who will want to litter the sky with giant spinning rotors?

12. Traditional Nuclear – Virtually banned. Uranium and plutonium based nuclear power is simply too expensive and dangerous. By contrast, the E-Cat technology cannot melt down, does not use nuclear fuels, and does not produce nuclear waste: it has all of the benefits of conventional nuclear power with none of the drawbacks. In addition, it will be cheap, portable, and compact. I expect all nuclear power plants to begin shutting down a couple years after the introduction of nickel hydrogen power.

13. Coal – I think this is one of the first industries that will be impacted. The burning of coal produces half of the world’s energy. The E-Cat technology will be able to replace the coal that’s used to produce steam for power plants. In a very short period of time, the demand for coal will shrink and the price of electricity will drop.

14. Natural Gas – A significant portion of the natural gas produced is used for power production. In addition, there are many people who still use it for heating or cooking. The E-Cat technology will be able to reduce the demand for natural gas very quickly.

15. Oil – I doubt that the E-Cat will have a huge impact on the demand for oil, at first. The millions of cars on the road will not be replaced overnight. Also, even when more E-Cat powered vehicles start being used, oil will still be needed for the production of fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and many other products. The difference is that after a period of time, much less oil will be burned for energy.

16. Manufacturing – The reduced cost of energy will be a benefit to companies that produce the products we buy and sell. They will be able to pass this cost savings to the consumer. Let’s consider a box of corn flakes. Energy is required at every stage between the farm and the grocery store: energy is used to power the machinery that plants, sprays and harvests the corn, the truck that transports it to the factory, the machines that process the corn into flakes, the machines that put the flakes into boxes, the trucks that take the boxes to the grocery store, the lights that illuminate the store, and the computer in the checkout counter. If all of these energy costs are reduced, that $3.99 box of cereal could be greatly reduced.

17. Efficiency Industry – The push to mandate certain levels of energy efficiency – for example banning traditional light bulbs over a certain wattage – will go away. With dirt cheap energy, efficiency will no longer be as significant of an issue. I look forward to heavy duty, metal appliances that may use more power but will last for long periods of time. Maybe the amount of flimsy plastic “junk” sold will be reduced.

18. Carbon – The idea of trading and taxing carbon emissions will fade. Due to the fact that the E-Cat produces zero CO2, global release of carbon into the environment will dramatically drop as the technology proliferates. In fact, with unlimited cheap energy, carbon sequestration could take place by restoring deserts into forests. Also, even if global warming did take place, with an unlimited source of energy mankind would have a better shot at survival.

19. Aviation – It may take a longer period of time for airplanes to incorporate E-Cat based power devices. However, when they do, aircraft could fly for weeks on end – until they need maintenance. Because of the reduced fuel cost, the price of airline tickets could go down dramatically. Also, we may see an increase in the number of private aircraft due to much lower. Of course, even before the E-Cat technology is used as a primary source of power for propulsion, supplementary nickel hydrogen reactors could provide electricity for climate control, electronics, and lighting in planes.

20. Water – The availability of fresh water is an increasing concern in many parts of the world. E-Cat technology is well suited to provide energy in desalination projects — a very energy-intensive process. This could lead to great improvements in health and agriculture. Extraction of water from the atmosphere cheaply is another possibility with this technology.

21. Space – With the E-Cat technology, it will become practical to have habitats in orbit and elsewhere in our solar system. One reason is that rocket propulsion will be enhanced via cold fusion. The amount of fuel that would need to be used to achieve orbit would be reduced. Another reason is that nickel-hydrogen reactors would be ideal power sources for space stations. Instead of having to bring dangerous, traditional nuclear fuels or huge amounts of chemical fuel, tiny amounts of nickel and hydrogen could be brought instead. Also, because nickel and hydrogen is so common, it could be found almost anywhere.

22. Investment, Banking, and the Stock Market – When the E-Cat technology emerges on the market, the world will be stunned. The technology will be considered too good to be true, but it really will be true. . Countless industries will want investment money to produce cold fusion based products, but other industries will be going bankrupt.

23. Off the Grid – In a world gone mad with spying, there is a growing off the grid movement in which people try to separate themselves as much as possible from the world. Sometimes, individuals will build small homes in isolated areas, or groups of like minded people will form communities. One of the biggest challenges for these individuals is how to produce power. With the E-Cat technology, they will be able to have vehicles and electrical generators that can operate for long periods of time without re-fueling. With cheap energy it is possible to extract water from the atmosphere, grow massive amounts of food indoors, and even manufacture parts with 3D printers. Businesses that sell products that allow for survival in remote locations will thrive. I also think this will include the recreational vehicle industry. Just imagine being able to purchase an RV that does not require gasoline, ever. Or, a boat with an E-Cat generator that would allow it to operate for months at a time. Escaping the powers that be will be easier with nickel hydrogen technology.

24. Mining –The E-Cat will provide power for more efficient mining, and an economic boom could lead to greater need for raw materials. Eventually, we will no longer be forced to mine materials from the Earth. Instead of damaging our environment, we will be able to send cold fusion powered spacecraft to the asteroid belt to mine materials and bring them back to Earth.

25. Education – Cold fusion has been considered pseudoscience for decades. When the world realizes that the E-Cat is a real cold fusion or LENR technology, millions of minds will be opened to a new reality in physics. This will generate many new technologies that could enhance our civilization. For example, maybe someone will come up with a practical gravity modification technology.

As you can see, the E-Cat technology will affect the world in a major way. At first, the global economy will be rattled, but the technology will soon create millions of new jobs. If used appropriately, nickel hydrogen fusion will be capable of transforming our civilization from one of poverty and scarcity, to one of abundance.

Rick Allen