Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion Question Posted at StackExchange

There’s a question been posted on the StackExchange Q & A site regarding cold fusion which I see has already been getting some attention here. The question is, “Is there any reproducible tested evidence for Ni-H cold fusion?”

The author of the question does not seem to be in doubt about palladium-deuterium cold fusion, but is specifically asking about nickel-hydrogen systems. The work of Rossi is dismissed — (“for sure a scam”), so any reference to his work will apparently not satisfy the questioner.

The question of whether Rossi is credible has been dealt with so much here and elsewhere that I don’t know how useful it would be to flood the site with the many evidences we have in the E-Cat’s favor. Also, the question pertains to “reproducible tested evidence”, which does not really apply to Rossi’s work, since he is working largely in secret.

I suppose mentioning the work of Piantelli might be useful as he was really the pioneer in Ni-H LENR research. Also Brillouin work with Ni-H.

AlainCo has already responded there, and I thought I’d mention the question here in case anyone else would like to comment.

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