Huge 'Gravity Engine' Under Construction in Illinois (Brazilian Model)

We have mentioned before here the curious case of the massive device described as a gravity engine that has apparently been built at a facility in Porte Alegra, Brazil by a company called Rarenergia. The company has posted a lot of pictures of the machine in various stages of construction on their web site, and there has been some speculation about whether they were fake — some kind of sophisticated computer graphics project.

To me, that is becoming a less plausible scenario as new photos on the site show a new machine being constructed at the site of a soybean processing plant owned by a Brazilian company called Incobrasa Industries in Gilman, Illinois. Here’s one example — there are many pictures on the site:

Gilman Gravity Engine

The new pictures from Illinois seem to be authentic to me — right down to the November weather here in the Midwest. For complete authentication, however I suppose it would be necessary for someone to drive by the plant at this location.

Assuming then, that the pictures are authentic, it makes you wonder what all this means. Obviously there has been a large amount money put into this project, and one would expect that no rational person would make such an investment in this machine unless they were sure that it was going to work. We have no report on whether machine built in Brazil has been operated yet. I’m not convinced that even if a gravity engine like this works that it would be a significant technology in terms of efficient energy production — but just the fact that a gravity motor could work in any degree would be very surprising from a scientific perspective.