The Promise and Burden of the E-Cat

The publication of the 3rd Party E-Cat Test report by Levi et al. earlier this year provided extremely compelling evidence that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention is indeed real, and a revolutionary breakthrough in energy production. More than being a simple confirmation of Andrea Rossi’s claims over the years, it was a demonstration to the public that we have a technology at our disposal which will allow us to move beyond our present economic and political systems which are based on scarcity of resources, to a new reality in which abundance of resources is the norm.

Andrea Rossi has discovered a process in which copious amounts of energy can be produced in a relatively simple way using nickel and hydrogen — two of the most abundant elements on the planet — in a clean and safe way. This discovery heralds the beginning of the end of an era in which the majority of our energy comes from burning of raw materials that are increasingly more difficult to obtain, expensive to purchase, and which pollute the atmosphere when they are consumed.

The Levi report showed that the ‘Rossi Effect’ is a process that produces energy at a magnitude beyond any known chemical reaction. There is reason to consider it a nuclear reaction, and in fact Rossi himself says that Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is not an inaccurate label, but still the exact nature of the reaction is unknown.

Nevertheless, what the report shows is that energy production at magnitudes something akin to nuclear reactions in today’s nuclear power stations is possible in laboratory conditions, without dangerous radiation being produced. This is truly revolutionary, especially considering the extremely simple construction of the E-Cat reactor — basically a metal tube containing nickel, hydrogen and an unknown catalyst which reacts when heated and stimulated with some kind of radio frequency.

All the evidence shows that Rossi’s E-Cat has the ability to provide energy in massive quantities extremely cheaply — and this is just based on evidence from an early version of the Hot Cat. As with any technological breakthrough, the early iterations are usually relatively primitive and unrefined. Almost certainly there will be improvements and refinements that will improve the E-Cat’s performance over time.

So what is the significance of all this? In my estimation, it could hardly be more important. If the E-Cat can produce energy at the levels indicated by the Levi test, it means that we now have an energy source that supersedes all others in terms of efficiency and safety — which can provide tremendous social, economic and environmental benefits with far-reaching consequences.

What would be the global consequence of vastly reduced energy costs? It would mean incredible relief for individuals, families, businesses and other organizations that use energy, which in turn would reduce the cost of production of any good or service that has energy as an input — which is pretty much everything. If energy is plentiful and cheap, standards of living will naturally improve. We are seeing breakthroughs in a wide variety of technological fields these days, such as robotics, manufacturing, transportation, computing etc., all of which require energy input — and when the cost of that input is reduced, the efficiency of those products and processes only increases. I consider the discovery of the E-Cat to be a seminal moment in modern history, and one that has the potential to move the planet into an era where scarcity of resources can become largely a thing of the past.

In addition to the challenge of refining the technical performance of the E-Cat, something Andrea Rossi is continually involved in these days, we face the possibly more challenging problem of how to introduce it in a way that is of most benefit to the human race.

Control of E-Cat technology now rests in the hands of Andrea Rossi and his unidentified partner. Rossi himself says that he has turned over the business decisions to the partner while he concentrates on the development of the E-Cat. There is intense interest from many parties in the technical and business operations surrounding the E-Cat, and in order to operate without interference, Rossi and Co. have built an impressive wall of secrecy around their operations, This technology has, and will continue to attract the attention of competitors who want to replicate its secrets, and opponents who feel threatened by it, and naturally, any business entity is going to be concerned with getting a reasonable return on its investment (probably in the millions of dollars so far), so they are very concerned about important information leaking out.

But in addition to securing business success, there rests an incredible burden of responsibility on this group who has in its control a technology that could transform the future of the human race. Once the company has made itself public, and more details about the technology are released, the pressure of that burden will only increase. We can only hope that Rossi and his partners understand the importance of what they have, they hold a key that can unlock the door to a better future for all, and make decisions that will ensure that this technology will be disseminated in a way that will be beneficial not only to themselves, but to everyone.

Frank Acland