Elforsk Publishes New Report on LENR

The Swedish energy R&D institute Elforsk has published a new report providing an overview of the history and current state of research in the field of LENR. The full document is only available in Swedish, but an English language summary is provided:

Are we on the verge of a new era when it comes to environmental and sustainable power generation? Is there anything new coming up around the corner, which could revolutionize our way in generating heat and electricity and driving tomorrow’s vehicles? Those are the questions that have arisen owing to the field Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) again has been shown attention.

This report is an overview of the field Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or what it sometimes is called Cold Fusion. Devices and arrangements, which are declared to be based on the LENR technology, are now beginning to being demonstrated at some different locations in the world. The energy efficiency of those devices is said to substantially exceed the supplied energy needed to start and stabilize the process. If this is right – which is in question by many – we are confronted with the unexpected, that there is perhaps a new process which by far surpasses conventional fuel based energy conversion. Furthermore the devices are said to work without any appreciable environmental disadvantage. Or are those results now being shown consequences of error measurements and wishful thinking?

As can be seen above, the report is non-commital, most likely because like many others, Elforsk does not want to put their full weight behind something which they feel could turn out not to be sound. Nevertheless, Elforsk has funded the E-Cat 3rd Party testing, and may be funding the current round of testing that Andrea Rossi says is ongoing. Obviously the organization is taking LENR seriously — otherwise why put time and effort into this report?

Follow this link for access to the full report in PDF format:


Here’s a link to a Google translation of the full document: