Andrea Rossi Comments on Cyclone Engine

In light of the recent news that Dr. Yeoung E. Kim will be advising Cyclone Power Technologies about LENR, the question has been brought up again on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Andrea Rossi just posted about the matter.

Malcom Lear:
We did not receive an offer for an industrialized product, yet. If we will receive an offer for a product ready for the market, which means with acceptable price/kW, we will buy one item and test it. We have received offers for similar issues, but they were prototypes with unacceptable prices, upon which more research and development was necessary. We are not interested to be involved in this R&D, so far, because we are focused on our E-Cats, therefore we will apply to our E-Cats the existing well consolidated technologies. If new technologies will arrive in the marked, well tested, certified, consolidated and competitive with the existing $/kW prices, we will be delighted to buy units and test them in our laboratories.
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I have done a little research into the Cyclone Engine, and found that as yet, the company has not yet put any of its engines into industrial production for sale in the marketplace. A recent press release from Cyclone Power Technologies reports on its recent developments saying, “We’re moving ahead steadily with our development partners at Ohio State University, and aiming to complete initial durability testing by the end of this year in order to shift into limited scale manufacturing mode soon thereafter.” So it looks like it will be a while before Rossi will be able to do any testing with this engine.