LENR Cars CEO Responds to Investor Questions

A few weeks ago we covered the LENR Cars pitch to be selected as a finalist in the Future Energy contest from Ultra Light Startups. The application process involves the ability to respond to questions from potential investors, and LENR Cars CEO Nicolas Chauvin has provided some additional information about his company in responses posted here.

When asked about whether LENR Cars has built a prototype LENR system, Chauvin responds:

“Yes, We have built 3 prototypes of 2 different kinds:
– 1 with an electrolytic process where hydrogen is extracted from water
– 2 with gaseous hydrogen at low pressure (30 psi)

We are currently building a third type of design based on nickel nano-powder and hydrogen at medium pressure (150 psi).

Currently, we can produce between 10-15 Watt from the reaction for more than one month in a continuous and stable manner.
With the new design, we expect to scale the power up between 500W and 1kW.

We are also collaborating with other teams in the US that have similar or better results. And we are sharing some ideas.”

Also, when asked about customers LENR Cars has consulted for, he says there are 5 that customers that have paid for consulting services in the LENR field:

– “Confidential”: a large European industrial company (under NDA, we cannot mention them).
– SIG: a Swiss utility company
– Moravsky Vyzkum: a Czech high tech robotics and energy company
– Quantum Heat: a partner company developing this technology in collaboration with us
– Transaltec: a Swiss company organizing conferences

Below is a short video pitch from Nicolas Chauvin for the Future Energy contest.