Defkalion no Longer In Canada? [Update DGT Responds]

I heard a report over the weekend from someone who had called Defkalion’s office in Canada at the phone number listed on their web site as their “Main Corporate Office” (1 604 683 5555) and that the number was out of commission.I have called that number and got the same message message saying the number is no longer in service — it sounded like a standard telecom message.

So it sounds like Defkalion is no longer operating out of Canada. A response to an email inquiry last month told me that “due to our current reorganization of our R&D centers and the commissioning of a new reactor, we are not in a position to meet and or discuss anything.”

It seems that part of this reorganization is that they have left Vancouver, where they had a laboratory — but to where? If they have left Canada, I would expect that their listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange that DGT’s CEO Alex Xanthoulis probably won’t be happening now. The email said they wouldn’t be giving any more news until mid-January, so I will inquire again then.

UPDATE: Thanks to ECW reader Christopher Calder for forwarding the following E-mail from Defkalion:

“Dear Mr. Calder,

In response to your email of the 17th December 2013.
Firstly we like to thank you for the interest that you have shown in
our company and technology.

Please note that we have not moved out of Vancouver, we have not been
purchased by a larger company, we just have been going through a
reorganization stage. You can expect an official announcement from us
in the near future.

Thanking You
Best Regards &
Seasons Greetings”