E-Cat Knowledge at Highest Levels in China?

I’d like to thank E-Cat World reader Julian Becker for providing the following information from the icebank.cn article we mentioned here yesterday that reported about Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Tom Darden’s meeting in China to discuss nickel powered energy.

We noted that for non-Chinese speakers the article was translated by Google, so interpretation could be faulty. Julian lives in China, but is not a native speaker — nevertheless, what he reports is very interesting and seems to add some important information.

This is what he posted yesterday:

“Well if this turns out to be true it would be amazing. The SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Assets Commission) is directly answering to the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China (the Chinese cabinett of ministers), whose Chairman is Prime Minister Li Keqiang. As it said in the article: Their Chairman took part in the meeting. The same applies for the National Development and Reform Commission also their leadership seemed present. This body is in charge for the macro economic planning of the entire Chinese ecomomy.

The place of meeting was the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing a place for foreign dignitaries and local officials to stay,

If the meeting was positive and a report was filed upwards, Prime Minister Li and President Xi should be aware of LENR now.