Report: Darden & Chinese Officials Held 'Signing Ceremony' for Technology Park With 'Nickel Reactor New Energy Project'

I really appreciate the work of E-Cat World readers in searching for and bringing important information regarding LENR and the E-Cat forward. Some more interesting information about a recent meeting of Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Tom Darden with Chinese officials has been sent to me by ECW reader Adam Lepczak.
He sent me a link to an article published on the web site titled, ‘Baoding Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park project held a signing ceremony.’

Participants in the ceremony which was held on September 16th in Baoding, China are listed in the article (Google translation)

Hebei Province Vice Governor Xu Ning, Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Jia Hongxing, Nierui Ping Baoding Municipal Committee, Mayor Ma Yufeng, U.S. representative Tom Darden Cherokee Fund The Chairman and the Ministry of Science and the responsible personnel attended the ceremony. Provincial Science and Technology Department and Baoding relevant departments attended the signing ceremony. Before the signing ceremony, Xu Ning, vice governor cordially met with U.S. representatives.

The article makes it a little more clear to me about the purpose of this meeting which was the signing of an agreement between Mr. Darden and a number of Chinese officials to establish a ‘Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park’, located in the city of Baoding, in Hebei province in eastern China. It seems from the article that the goal is to create a park along the same lines as the Research Triangle park in North Carolina. The article notes that this famous US technology center attracted such companies as IBM, Cisco, and Bayer to set up R&D centers there.

As to what is expected to be in this new park in Baoding, the article states:

“The signing of the Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park project located in Baoding, in bringing new CODA electric car project, while the nickel reactor new energy projects, new projects fireproof materials, will greatly promote local technological and economic development.” (emphasis added)

To me, here is another clear reference to the E-Cat, and another strong piece of evidence that confirms the link between Cherokee and Andrea Rossi. Tom Darden’s connections with the North Carolina educational, technological and industrial communities will most likely be very helpful in getting this park established in China — and having a base in China from which the E-Cat can be developed and proliferated.

It’s interesting that there have been no press releases from Cherokee or Industrial Heat LLC about what would appear to be a major milestone for either company here — and no coverage of the event in the western press. Even without the E-Cat ingredient the establishment of such a project would appear to be very newsworthy. With a ‘nickel reactor new energy project’ thrown into the mix, if confirmed, this is (in my opinion) explosive news!