Rossi: Improving E-Cat Power Density 'Extremely Alluring Issue'

I may be reading too much into things here, but I get a feeling that Andrea Rossi is hinting at improvements in power density in the hot cat.

Steven Karels recently asked on the Journal of Nuclear physics, “A year or so ago, you were suggesting a 1MW eCat unit in a container with a volume of 1 cubic meter. Any updates on projected volume for a hypothetical 1MW eCat?” To which Rossi responded:

“We are working also to increase the power density.”

I followed up with a question about whether they had seen any improvements in power density, and Rossi responded:

“As you know, it is premature any anticipation. I can say we are working with strong efforts on this issue, but, still, the results could be positive or negative. The energy density is an extremely alluring issue.”

To me it seems that Rossi may be signalling here that we could be seeing improvements in the power density over the previous report when the reports come out. Rossi has said that they are working with a ‘cat’ (main reactor), and ‘mouse’ (activator) setup in this test, which is different from the single-unit hot cat that was tested by Levi et al. last year. This must be an improved system, or they wouldn’t be using it — and maybe improved power density is one of its advantages. The fact that Rossi describes energy density as an ‘extremely alluring issue’ says to me that it’s something they have been working on in a significant way.