E-Cat News Coverage in Sweden and Finland

Mats Lewan of Swedish technology magazine NyTeknik was one of the first journalists to cover the E-Cat story, and he has done some great reporting on the topic over the years, including participating in demonstrations with Andrea Rossi and Defkalion. He’s written a new article for NyTeknik about the Industrial Heat acquistion at NyTeknik which covers a lot of ground that we have discussed here. Lewan mentions that he has reached out to both Tom Darden and JT Vaughn for comment on the development but hasn’t received any response as yet.

Finnish site Tekniikkatalous has a short article noting the news and mentioning Tom Darden’s visit to China for business talks.

Interestingly, both article cover the story in a rather matter-of-fact way, neither is written a skeptical tone that we have seen in some coverage of the E-Cat story, and neither includes even the typical cautions about the technology being an unproven technology.