New Poll on the 'Cherokee Effect'

I just added a new poll (see bottom left sidebar) about how the latest confirmation of the involvement of Cherokee Industrial Partners / Industrial Heat with Andrea Rossi has affected people’s attitudes about the validity of the E-Cat.

It’s not always easy to gauge public sentiment, but just from watching traffic to this site, and the observing nature of comments here and in other places, it seems to me that there is a growing sense of confidence in Andrea Rossi’s claims about the E-Cat since the Industrial Heat press release was published.

Cherokee Investment Partners, while not a well-known company to most people, seems to have a good reputation in the circles in which it operates, and has managed billions of dollars of investment dollars over the years in environmental causes.Cherokee CEO Tom Darden is well connected, serving on the Board of Governors of RTI International, the non-profit organization that directs the affairs of the world-renowned Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, a hub of technological innovation where many large corporations have R&D facilities.

So what has been your reaction to the news? Is the ‘Cherokee effect’ an important factor in the credibility of Andrea Rossi and his invention? Cast your vote, and feel free to comment about it below.