Research Triangle Foundation Announcement Monday about 'Centerpiece' Project. [Update: Livestream Link]

I thought I’d put up a thread about something that a number of people have mentioned here today, which is a news conference scheduled by the Triangle Park Foundation for Monday where a major announcement is supposed to be made. In the Triangle Business Journal, Lauren K. Ohnesorge, writes that Bob Geolas, CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation said that the announcement will be worth watching, and the Triangle Park Foundation has made a statement saying that they would “unveil a project that will be the centerpiece of the Research Triangle Park’s plans for an innovative future.”

The Research Triangle’s Facebook page suggests Monday’s announcement is ‘One of the biggest announcements in @TheRTP’s history’, and an announcement on Eventbrite waxes poetical:

Calling all makers, thinkers, doers and dreamers:
this one’s for you, the never-disbelievers.
On February third, it’s going to be a big day;
— please come on out, if you can find a way.

At 11:00, visit Research Triangle Park headquarters
Bring along your friends, bosses and co-workers.
There’ll be cookies and coffee; hope and good cheer.
As we announce a surprise & make our plans clear.

Of course followers of the LENR story are likely to be interested in this announcement because Industrial Heat LLC, who now own the rights to the E-Cat, are based out of the Research Triangle in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina (although their exact whereabouts there is still unidentified) — however personally I am not convinced that this announcement will be dealing with Industrial Heat or the E-Cat.

I have no special information about this event one way or another, but I would have expected that if there was going to be a major announcement regarding Industrial Heat and the E-Cat, it would take place after the long-awaited third party report is published. However, I might be surprised like I was when Industrial Heat put out its press release last week. I do wonder why the Research Triangle Foundation would be hyping this event so much. If it’s not to do with a technology as revolutionary as the E-Cat, what else could it be?

I guess we’ll be watching and waiting on Monday.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a page where a livestream of the event should be available: