New 'H-Cat' Experiment Proposed

I know there are some readers who have been dismissive of the ideas of Justin Church regarding his HHO-catalytic converter experiments, but being curious I find them intriguing enough to want to feature them here and follow his progress, and I know I’m not the only one.

Here’s what Justin wrote yesterday regarding a new experiment he is planning:

Hey guys, I didn’t notice this page until last night but I wanted to give an update. I’ve got some stainless caps and threaded bushings on order. Only 20 bucks hahaha. When I get them in I will do a video on what I plan to do. Essentially I’m sealing the ends of the cat so I can inject pure gas into it. A friend of mine can weld stainless so he has offered to get the bushings mounted to the cat for me. Going to be awesome…

I followed up with a question to Justin about whether he expected that sealing the catalytic converter would result in either an explosion or a meltdown, and he responded:

Don’t think it will melt or explode. I’m drilling an exhaust hole in the bottom to release water and prevent pressurization. Gas is going in… water coming out. I’m not going to play with pressure systems yet. I’m hoping I can run on demand with it throttle gas up and down to control temps.

I’m interested to see how this next experiment goes, and I’m keeping an open mind about this whole experimental approach. Is it LENR? I really don’t know, and I don’t think anyone can say definitively, but then again, I don’t think anyone has fully defined what LENR is anyway. For now I’m treating this as an interesting phenomenon that might yield useful energy, and I’m curious to learn more.