Exchange Magazine Covers LENR as 'Disruptive Energy Generation'

Thanks to artefact for discovering an article published in the Canadian Exchange Magazine, an online business journal published in Ontario. The article, written by Jim Sweeney, is title ‘Disruptive Energy Generation’, and provides an overview of current events in the world of LENR. Sweeney talks about the potential for LENR to work in a distributed energy generation system, which could make ‘redundant an extensive national and international electrical grid.’

One point of correction: the article mentions that a Chinese firm secured the rights to Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology; of course it was the US company Industrial Heat, LLC (backed by North Carolina-based Cherokee Investment Partners).

Sweeney notes that lack of LENR patents granted by the US Patent office, and suggests that Canada step up and grant patents in the area:

“If Canada does not get a US green light on critical pipeline proposals, it might consider an end-run by immediately granting Canadian LENR patents to all comers. Such action is inevitable anyway, so we might as well do it now. This fixes our unemployment problem. That however, is unlikely to happen because some of our ostrich-like policy makers have their heads stuck in the tar sands.”

The full article can be read here