German Article on Cold Fusion Introduces New LENR Company — PURRATIO AG

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis, barty, and others for finding an article published by the German Focus magazine about the current state of play in the world of fusion energy (it discusses both cold and hot versions).

In the area of CF/LENR, the author, Michael Odenwald, mentions Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, but also introduces a German company called PURRATIO AG which has apparently developed (or is developing) a reactor made of palladium (a hollow tube, a few inches long) which is designed to absorb hydrogen. The reaction occurs when an electrical charge is passed through the reactor.

There’s a document on the PURRATIO website which describes the reaction. It announces this technology as “The most revolutionary, most meaningful and most innovative technology – the „COLD FUSION“”, and explains:

  • The experimental procedure is carried out by means of an especially developed prototype on laboratory scale.
  • The neutron signal is reproducible and a doubtless proof of a neutron generating nuclear process in the described experiment.
  • A generation of the detector signal by perturbing influences of electronic origin can absolutely be ruled out.
  • The crucial physical parameters for the realization of the fusion effect are known. By appropriate changing of these parameters the fusion effect can be amplified up to the generation of excess heat or the generation of an explosion effect.

It’s interesting to discover a brand new player in the cold fusion field — this is a company that I have never heard mentioned before. A brief perusal of their website shows that they have been around for quite a long time working in the field of nanotechnology, and it seems that branching out into the world of cold fusion is a relatively recent development. Here’s another player to keep an eye on!