H-Cat Radiation Test (Video)

During recent discussions we have been having here regarding the homebuilt ‘H-Cat’ systems that Justin Church and others have been working on there were some questions raised about whether — if there is an LENR or nuclear reaction of some kind taking place — there might be some danger to experimenters from radiation. Some suggested that it would be wise to use a Geiger counter to check for radiation levels.

Below is a video made by ‘hydrofuelincanada’ one of the administrators of the newly created H-Cat Forum (http://app.hydrofuel.ca/) in which a Geiger counter is used to measure radiation levels near a piece of catalytic substrate being exposed to HHO gas.

Of course from this video we can’t tell whether there is any kind of LENR reaction taking place, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication from this Geiger counter of levels of radiation above normal background levels.

This is just one of the number of videos linked to on the H-Cat Forum. In order to see the rest, as well as the other material you have to be a registered member of the site (free registration)

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