Rossi Hopes to Retrofit Coal Power Plants With E-Cats

Andrea Rossi gave an interesting short comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics when asked by Bernie Koppenhofer whether he agreed that with anticipated efficiencies, the hot cat would be suitable for retrofitting existing inefficient power plants.

Rossi responded: “Yes, retrofitting coal plants in particular”

I followed up with a comment about Industrial Heat visiting China and asked whether he thought it would be possible for China someday to generate electricity with the hot cat, rather than coal, and Rossi said only “I hope so.”

My guess is that this is a topic that is being discussed extensively at Industrial Heat. Rossi has said that a priority for the company is to develop the ability to generate electricity efficiently. Two days ago he wrote:

“We will publish the range of temperatures we are reaching in stable operarions as soon as the R&D and validation in curse will have been completed. If we will be able to get positive results, the ranges of temperature will be enough high to allow gas turbines or very good efficiencies with the Carnot cycle, especially in co-generation or three-generation assemblies.”

Co-generation refers to the practice producing both electricity and useful heat (e.g. for residential/commercial heating and hot water), but I’m not sure what Rossi means when he refers to ‘three-generation assemblies’. Industrial Heat may be looking at some novel ways to make the most out of the heat they produce.