Calorimeter Built by Alan Smith for HHO Test

Here’s an update from Alan Smith of Leap Forward Laboratory on his experimental setup for the HHO experiment we have sponsored here at ECW.

This is the first ‘dry run’ assembly of the water-bath calorimeter I am building – a build sponsored by the members here at E-Cat World forum. The idea is to test the oft-made but essentially unproven claim that catalytic re-combination of HHO (mixed gas) made by the electrolysis of water yields more energy than simply burning as a ‘naked flame’. Ahead of schedule at the moment- this build was not supposed to even begin till April. Plenty of midnight oil applied!

The structure is all 12mm Lexan Polycarbonate for strength. Deliberately non-magnetic – but that is with a future experiment in mind.There are 3 thermometers (2 digital and one precision mercury for cross-checking and old-times sake) and a great deal of plumbing to be installed yet, as well as a brass support platform for the catalyst sample, igniter and HHO jets etc. Flashback protection and blow-out valve are also on the list. All this will be hidden by a Urethane foam insulating jacket when the experiments begin.

The glass bottle inside is the combustion space, and will be open at the bottom to the water that fills the tank. The gas pipes etc will go ‘under and up’ into the airpocket inside the tank.

Next step is to build the electrolysis cell. Wish me luck!

Alan Smith

top view

side view