NDA Restricts Rossi's Comments on the Tests [Updated]

Obviously, as time ticks by, people are getting anxious to find out as much as possible about the tests. Andrea Rossi just responded to a question from Giuliano Bettini about whether Rossi could share some impressions about how things are going. Bettini even pulled the’ Italian card’ saying, “since you’re an Italian, it is obviously not credible that at this point you don’t know anything about the “positive or negative”.’

I’m not quite sure what being Italian has to do with that, but I’m maybe of the wrong nationality to understand that! Anyway, Rossi responded to the question as follows:

Giuliano Bettini:
Believe it or not, I have no idea of the measurements made by the Professors, their methodology and their calculations, therefore at the moment I do not know if their results will be positive or negative. They are on the piece, our electronic engineer can only give assistance in case of malfunctions ( no one happened so far), I am distant from the Hot Cat; besides, I have to make my normal work in other places most of the time, so I do not know the numbers obtained in most of the test; I have no access to the registrations too, that the Professors take 24 hours per day regarding the temperatures and the consume of energy. Sincerely, I do not know if the results will be positive or negative. Obviously, to be totally sincere, I have my impression about how things are going, but I signed an NDA that forbids to all of us to give any bit of information to the public before the report is published.
Warm Regards,

It seems from this that Rossi does have some idea of how things are going, even if he doesn’t know the details of the measurements being taken. One interesting comment here is that no malfunctions have apparently taken place with the equipment — which sounds like positive news. Apparently nothing has melted down as in November 2012. The ‘positive or negative’ mantra we have been hearing for months from Rossi is, I think, a result of him wanting to keep strictly to the NDA he has signed. I expect the NDA has a provision in it that he can’t even hint at the state of progress — and Rossi’s done a good job of giving very little away.

UPDATE: Here’s a new comment by Rossi about the testing environment:

They are in the neutral laboratory where the test is done in turns or all together, depending on the work they have to do, they have faculty of access to the laboratory 24 hours per day, at any time and they have access 24 hours per day to the data registration of temperatures and energy, which is permanent 24 hours per day, every day with no interruption of sort. They told me two days ago that they have elaborated more than one million of data already. I have no data at all, being the registration made by their instrumentation and being restricted to them the consultation of the same. In the lab there are four videocameras that make the registration of any leaf that can fly in any part of the laboratory.
Warm Regards,

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