Wild Speculation E-Cat Test Guessing Thread

I’m a little nervous to do this, because I think it’s wise not to expect too much of this current testing regimen — but since we are in the dark about so much, I thought it would be interesting and maybe entertaining to put a thread up where people can discuss their expectations about the results of the long-term testing in terms of the expected performance of the Hot Cat. I am posting a comment just received from ECW reader Lilylover to kick off this thread:

Dear E-Catters:

Omega Z’s calculation will indicate that Dr. Rossi has the best quality of fans that are not only smart but also very tenacious, like himself, in following him.

So, COP 35 is the educated guess. I’ll make an emotional guess of COP 60 along with the prediction that the report-makers will totally depart from the “COP” terminology.

Sorry to overanalyze Rossi’s words… If a long term test was less than satisfactory for first half of the test, expecting that to improve in the later half of the test on its own will fit the popular definition of insanity.
Therefore, the first half of the test must have been “good enough” or “investment grade” or “about 10% ROI (for a new small firm)”.

Only then would the IH continue to support perpetuation of the test despite contracts. Because, as smart as Rossi is, team of IH lawyers can always advise to bankrupt the “LLC” to exit the obligations to save money. Stretching this a little further, if first 1/3rd of the test was bad, then the later 2/3rd would have to be exceptionally good to make up for it. That also means, the first 2/3rd has to be at acceptable level. Since magic won’t happen between first 1/3rd and second 1/3rd – they would have stopped the “long term” test after the failure of the first 1/3rd. They did not. It simply means – to IH, so far, it must mean – “investment grade” success. That is good enough. Not great, but good enough. They’ll take that.

Now, if things have gone wrong in the long term test, what can Rossi possibly do to fix it in 3 days? Nothing.
The 0.99 vs 1.01 is great academic discussion but we all ‘know’ our interest is in proof of at least 2.5 or say 6, like he likes to claim.

If the team is competent, and the dispute is between 5.5 vs 5.8 it does not matter to us. That can be resolved in 3 days. If the dispute is between 2.5 vs 5.0 – there is a big error on part of the calculators which Rossi can help rectify in 3 days. For that to happen, he must have the true data without sabotage. His lawyers must have tried for milestone-data of the ongoing test to better equip him in his ongoing R&D and future defence.

But, like Rossi says, he has had no data. Then he must have installed some mechanism that will yield him true data. If the data is true, he can analyze it in 3 days.

The biggest question becomes – How does Rossi know that the exact replica of the real data is provided to him? How will that happen? The good data will be used to raise capital and not so good data will be used to bargain Rossi’s rights. How can we know – if that will not happen?

I believe if a man as smart as Rossi can trust IH, I’ll let IH have my goodwill. If the dispute is between 0.99 vs 6, we (I) know IH is sabotaging Rossi to delay the E-Cat. In the event that IH cheats Rossi, my last shred of faith in humanity (lawyers) will evaporate.
I’ll still continue to trust Rossi.

So, as a guessing game, I request you to make COP guesses or any other guesses (Admin – good topic to poll?) that will make you feel happy about the “Official Long-Term Independent Report”. I say COP 60 for heat … And an extra prediction for his other current work — COP 6 for direct electricity.

Have a good day!

So the question at hand is — what result will make you feel happy about prospects for E-Cat technology?