Brian Ahern Joins the MFMP Team

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have announced on their website that Brian Ahern has joined their team to help with research and experimentation into LENR. On their blog post making this announcement they explain some of the assets that Ahern brings to the team:

“Dr. Ahern was investigating the effects of Hydrogen and Deuterium in Palladium even before the Pons and Fleischmann announcement and he is passionate about nano materials in the “magic” 3-12 nm range as highlighted by the highly decorated Japanese scientist Arata. He understands and has shown that materials simply don’t behave at this scale as they do at anything larger and this may be critical to understand what is going on, it might also explain the lack of interesting data we had with our 40nm Ni powders last year. He is also passionate about the effect of magnetism, something he believes and others have demonstrated, is key to igniting the New Fire.”

Below is a video of Brian Ahern’s presentation about LENR at the recent cold fusion conference held at MIT.

Interestingly, back in June 2011 Andrea Rossi made this comment: “Dr Brian Ahern and his team have a strong preparation , and they do not need my help. I believe they will be first in the race to be my competitors in the market.”