Brian Josephson Recommends Lewan's E-Cat Book in Nature

Nobel Prize laureate Brian Josephson has made a post in Nature in which he gives a mini-review of Mats Lewan’s An Impossible Invention book. Calling the publication of the book “the highlight of the week”, Josephson praises the book and urges all E-Cat skeptics to read the book.

Josephson points to last year’s Levi et al. report as strong evidence for the E-Cat saying:

One important event was a long-period investigation, published at arXiv:1305.3913, providing strong evidence of the production of anomalous heat. Particularly interesting to me, in the light of my past dealings with arxiv, was the text of an accidentally leaked exchange between two moderators, wondering if they could find a rationale for blocking that report.

I’m not sure if Josephson has a lot of influence in the scientific community these days, as some of his interests lie outside the mainstream of science — but this may help prepare the ground in the scientific world a bit for when the results of the latest tests are published.