LENR — 'A Dragon With Many Tails'

I thought I would feature this post from ECW reader Neanderthal today as it seems to give a glimpse into the kind of thinking and discussion about LENR that may be going on behind the scenes in scientific (and other) institutions.

Today Neanderthal wrote this comment in another thread:

I work for one of the most prestigious Scientific Institutes in the UK.

We have been keeping a very close eye on this particular development. We know that the Lenr phenomena is real — we have studied literature in their abundance and have concluded this new science is a dragon with many tails. Let’s say that the general attitudes and direction among our colleagues have more weight than mere whispers in the refreshment rooms.

Mats Lewan’s book An Impossible Invention mentions that there are people in science and industry watching developments in LENR who are not wanting to come forward yet to publicize their interest, mainly because of fear of being ridiculed if the whole field turns out to be bogus, but also not wanting to be left behind if it takes off. We know very little about discussions going on in private in science and industry, but Neanderthal’s comment indicates that serious interest is indeed being given to LENR.