LENR Patent Filed by Former Motorola Researcher, Others

Ron Kita at Vortex-l has discovered a new LENR patent application filed by Marc Chason of Marc Chason and Associates of Schaumburg, Illinois, who was formerly with Motorola Labs. The other inventors listed are Daniel Gaomota and Rick Latella.

The patent is for a “System and method for supplying hydrogen and deuterium to lenr and e-cat based energy generating systems”.

‘An approach for supplying hydrogen and/or deuterium to LENR and E-Cat based energy generating systems includes receiving a source material that is rich in hydrogen and/or deuterium. A gaseous form of at least one of those elements is extracted from the source material via electrochemical dissociation, hydrocarbon recovery, or a suitable mechanical process.’

I find it interesting that the filers not only mentioned LENR in the title, but also ‘E-Cat.’ Since the E-Cat has not yet had a patent application approved by the US patent office, it’s not clear to me if there will be an advantage in being so upfront about mentioning the technology in this application, but if the E-Cat is demonstrated to be valid and viable, there could well be more of these ancillary applications being filed — even if the E-Cat itself doesn’t get a patent approved.