Chinese Company 3D Prints 10 Houses Per Day

Somewhat off-topic, I know, but we may just be looking at the way the construction of the future will be done in the video below. A Chinese company called Yingchuang New Materialshas developed a system of building houses using large-scale 3D printers that allows them to build ten small homes per day on-site using mostly recycled materials. Looking at the video I was struck by how simple the process appears to be, and there doesn’t seem to be anything involved that could prevent this technique from being scaled up. The cost for each home is around $5000.

The major expenses are going to be energy and raw materials — and LENR could certainly help here. While we are seeing concrete being used in this process, the technique could probably be adapted to using other materials, and I expect that in the future we could see this process using other materials such as graphene or other strong composites.

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