Who is Lightstone? (New LENR company)

Thanks to Omega Z for sharing a link to the web site of a company called Lightstone technologies, Inc. — a new name to me. The company’s web site (http://lightstone.net) provides some information, but there are a number of unanswered questions.

The company states that “We own 50% of an amazing energy technology that can become the world’s cheapest form of electricity production and is 100% green.” — but the exact technology is not identified, nor the company that owns it.

In the Technology area of the web site, there is a section describing LENR. (I am somewhat flattered, because the first three paragraphs in the LENR description are taken from an article I wrote for Oilprice.com last November) This is what they say about LENR:

We have built a LENR “heat producing” prototype reactor which allows us to trigger a LENR reaction on demand. Each reaction produces neutrons emission, gamma radiation and heat. We are working together with National Instruments Institute, a well-known American company specialized in calorimetric, and to audit our measurement results.

Our research has been based on results of a large soviet research program which was discontinued after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our lead scientist participated in this program and has continuing its research over the last 25 years until he found the he discovered the right conditions and materials to reliably trigger a LENR reaction in 2011.

The company states that its joint venture (presumably with the LENR company) is domiciled in Germany, because they say the German government is interested in LENR as a possible alternative to nuclear fission plants which are being phased out there.

Key officers in the company are listed; none are familiar names to me, and none seem to have been involved in LENR to this point.

The company is seeking investment from professional investors and governments, but so far a prospectus has not yet been published.

The only German LENR company that I am aware of is Purratio AG, who we have covered here before. They describe a technology that produces neutron radiation (which is mentioned above). I wonder if there is any connection between the two. I notice that a recent statement that Lightstone has signed up with a company called Tiber Creek to help them go public.

Here are a couple of videos that talk about Lightstone’s technology — the second one appears to be a demo in preparation for the company going public on the US OTC stock exchange later this year.



So this is another name to keep an eye on.