A Few Miscellaneous E-Cat Items

With not too much news coming out about the E-Cat these days, pending the publication of the next third party report,  I thought I’d mention just a few things I’ve noticed that might be of interest here.

Andrea Rossi made a comment that indicates that he is still quite involved with Hydro Fusion, the Swedish Licencee that runs the ecat.com web site. The most recent publication on the Journal of Nuclear Physics is a paper by Dr. Magnus Holm titled “The  Geometry of String Theory Solitons”. I have no idea what the article is about, but in publishing it, Andrea Rossi made the comment “Dr Magnus Holm is presently working also with me for the E-Cat.”

Another item regarding Hydro Fusion comes via the unlikely source (because I don’t normally cite it on this site) of freeenergyscams.com. A fundraising document from Hydro Fusion is reproduced on the site which appears to be authentic. I am not going to comment on any other information on the site. According to the document, Hydro Fusion is trying to raise funds for operations by selling shares. They indicate that in the document that they have a goal of not only being a distributor (they have a distributor’s license at the moment it seems), but also get a manufacturing license, and be a manufacturer of E-Cat products for Europe. They would have to work out a deal with Industrial Heat to do this, I am sure.

On another front, Andrea Rossi has mentioned that Industrial Heat is going to be involved (or maybe already is) in some kind of humanitarian work. When a reader commented about medical work he was doing in Guatemala, Rossi replied:

“Congratulation for your effort in Guatemala, you have all my admiration. The Industrial Heat Group is making a strong work of this kind in Africa, where will be destined a substantial part of the proceeds of our activity.”

My overall impression from all I have been able to glean from various sources (some not citable here) is that while we are not getting many official announcements at present, that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes with regard to the E-Cat, and much preparation involved in getting it ready for commercialization and public awareness. How long we will have to wait for all this to be revealed I don’t know — but I am hoping that the report will be published in June.

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