LENR: Having Eyes to See

There is much anticipation regarding the long-expected third party report of long-term E-Cat testing, and I think I am as eager as anyone to read it and find out the results of the testing. But I don’t feel much of a sense of anxiety about it, because I fully expect that it will once again demonstrate that the E-Cat is a non-chemical source of energy with the potential to be far superior in power density than any conventional energy source. I think that Levi et al. demonstrated that convincingly in last year’s report.

I realize that there was much wiggle room claimed by skeptics which allowed for the possibility for fraud by Rossi in setting up the experiment, and/or deceit on the part of the testers, but I see that as extremely unlikely, and a possibility I don’t take seriously at all. I know that is a judgment call on my part, but an informed one, I believe.

So my position is that the E-Cat has already been successfully demonstrated to be real and valid, and as such is an energy source that can solve many of the most pressing energy problems the world faces. It is a mature technology in the sense that it is ready to provide useful energy right now. Of course manufacturing, sales and distribution will be required, but technologically I think the first generation of E-Cats is ready to be deployed to provide at least heat in a variety of settings.

But of course ECW readers know that only a tiny percentage of the world’s population have any clue about this revolutionary technology, let alone accept that it is real. I would guess that only a few thousand people around the world are paying close attention to the LENR story. And while a new and better report might convince more people of its reality, it’s possible that following its publication we might find ourselves in a similar position to where we are now — with relatively low levels of interest in a technology that has the potential to revolutionize energy production.

I don’t think there’s a technological problem here — I think when it comes to acceptance of a technology like this, we are dealing with human psychology, and as we know people see things quite differently depending on their needs, interests and the things they are invested in (financially and emotionally). Those of us who are convinced of the reality and utility of LENR may wonder why more people aren’t as interested as we are, but when it comes to accepting radically new things, especially things that seem too good to be true, I think that most people are prepared to wait for those they consider reliable authorities to provide endorsements, rather than investigating on their own.

If this new report is to make a large splash and capture the interest of a wide public, I believe it will be because someone well known and well respected steps forward publicly and says the technology is important, and people should pay attention. That could be someone in the media, politics, business or science or some other prominent walk of life. If that doesn’t happen I think we will probably be carrying on as much as we are now, until the time comes when Industrial Heat or someone else starts publicly selling working LENR products that are an obvious advantage over current energy sources — which is really what is needed for this whole field to be of any practical use.