ELFORSK Issues Statement on its Involvement in LENR Research

Thanks to AlainCo for bringing attention to the following press release just issued by Swedish energy research institute ELFORSK in response to this week’s radio program on Swedish radio about LENR in which portrayed LENR research in a distinctly negative light. The following is Google translated from the original Swedish.

Elforsk continues to follow developments

SR Vetenskapsradion has this week issued criticism towards Elforsk investigations of the alleged phenomenon that is usually called LERN – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (nuclear reactions at low energy). The investigations began in 2012 when Elforsk was asked by a group of Swedish scientists that support the evaluation of an invention called the Energy Catalyzer. It was stated to have a heat output far exceeding that which can be explained by conventional combustion reactions. The Evaluation was conducted by Swedish and Italian researchers (Giuseppe Levi and Evelyn Foschi, University of Bologna, Torbjörn Hartman, Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson and Lars Tegnér, Uppsala University and Hanno Essén, KTH) where the results were published in the report “Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device.” The measurements indicated a heat which not only could be explained by conventional combustion. Based on the results of those measurements Elforsk chose to go ahead and ordered a summary statement regarding LERN. The results were published in Elforsk report 13:90, which is available on Elforsk website. LENR is a controversial phenomenon that has received increased attention over the past two to three years. When a dozen companies over that they engage in the commercialization of LENR technology can this possibly indicate that something unexpectedly discovered and that this discovery in the future may affect the energy supply in the community. Elforsk is careful to emphasize that we do not currently have sufficient material in order to determine whether the phenomenon LENR exists or not. However, Elforsk determined the state state to briefly follow developments and to some extent help to increase insight and clarity on these issues. It is in Elforsk instructed to monitor ongoing research and development in order to prepare the companies in the energy sector on potential breakthroughs and build the knowledge necessary to challenge or affirm further development. For this reason Elforsk continue to monitor developments in the LENR field. Magnus Olofsson, CEO, Elforsk