Rossi: 'Please be Patient'

Since we are now in June, I decided I would take a chance on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and ask Andrea Rossi if he was still expecting the third party report to be published in the second or third week of June, as he had recently mentioned he had been told would be the likely timing of its release.

This was his response to me:

The timing of the publication are totally out of my control. The results will be extremely important, positive or negative as they might be. Please do not ask me anymore the scheduling of a thing that is totally indipendent from me and completely out of my control. Please be patient.

This wasn’t a confirmation or a denial that there would be a mid-June publication — but his request for patience, and his emphasis of his lack of control of the process has me wondering if we might be waiting beyond the third week of June for the publication of the report.

More waiting is probably the last thing that anyone here wants, but I think it’s best to be realistic in these matters, and not get too discouraged if we find we must wait longer than we might be hoping to. Who knows what the testers, writers, reviewers and publishers might be doing at the moment. If the results are very significant there might be some preparations to be made to deal with a lot of attention that would surely come to them.