Ny Teknik Chief Editor Defends Mats Lewan's E-Cat Reporting

In more fallout from Swedish Radio’s programs critical of cold fusion and the E-Cat, Susanna Baltscheffsky, Chief Editor of the Swedish science and technology magazine Ny Teknik has written a piece defending Mats Lewan’s reporting of the subject.

Baltscheffsky contrasts Lewan’s reporting to that of Marcus Hansson whom she says unfairly concentrated on looking at Rossi’s conviction 20 years ago for breaking environmental laws in the Petroldragon affair — which have nothing to do with the E-Cat.

While she takes a rather skeptical stand about the E-Cat — saying it’s a problem that no one has been able to look inside the E-Cat — Baltscheffsky sees no problem with academics and researchers getting involved in tests and research about it:

“Swedish researchers, for example, experts in the areas of nuclear physics, high energy physics and physical chemistry, have been interested in whether it is possible to detect a cold fusion in Rossi’s case or not. Vetandets World has decided that these scientists are gullible and have been both deceived and duped by Rossi.

Perhaps they have, but is it so wrong that a researcher be open to cold fusion may have occurred?

New Technology chooses not to condemn those who are curious about something that is almost unbelievable. Our approach is to await more independent and scientifically reproducible test that clarifies what happens in Rossi’s reactor.”

It’s a safe and cautious position to take, but an understandable one for a chief editor of a science magazine with a readership that is divided about the E-Cat. And it’s good that Mats Lewan will be able to continue his reporting as usual.