Chinese President Calls for Energy Revolution

An article in the International Business times covers a speech last Friday in which China’s President Xi Jinping calls for an energy revolution to meet an ever-growing demand for energy in his country, and at the same time cut pollution levels.

Xi stated, “To ensure national energy security, China needs to take steps to rein in irrational energy use and control the country’s energy consumption by fully implementing energy-saving policies,”

The president emphasized that China will to be taking a broad-brush diversification approach in this push, and mentioned developing a wide variety of energy sources including ‘clean coal’ projects, safe nuclear fission plants, shale gas exploration, renewables — as well as focusing on ways to increase efficient use of energy.

Those of us who have been carefully following the activities of Industrial Heat chairman Tom Darden in China recently will be wondering what part E-Cat/LENR might play in this Chinese energy revolution. Certainly it is not being mentioned publicly as one of the tools of China’s arsenal of energy sources — but at this early stage, if it was under consideration it may well be kept off the front pages since it is generally considered unproven, and there may also be strategic reasons involved.

One would think that in a command economy like China that if business, scientific and government leaders have been involved in talks with Industrial Heat that this information would be known by the nation’s president. I suppose that there will be other ongoing energy research projects in the country that are still in the early stages, and experimental possibilities are most likely not going to be mentioned in broad policy speeches that are meant for national and international consumption.

I think that LENR does have the potential to eclipse all the major energy sources here — but it will certainly take time, money and political will for that to become a reality, and at this point it’s impossible to know whether China will be leading the way in an LENR energy revolution.

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