Swedish Company Bobcat Gives MFMP Financial Support

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project reports on its quantumheat.org site that it has received a donation of $3000 from Swedish company Bobcat which manufactures excavation equipment. The MFMP team says this is the first corporate donor who has been willing to be openly named.

Bobcat states:

“We are not in your field at all but are very interested in this matter.

We hope that your research will lead to something new and better for the planet.

Wish you many successful experiments and positive results.

Med vänlig hälsning/Best regards”

I think this is a good sign, and I think in time we will see other influential observers willing to come forward and show they interested in LENR are serious about supporting its development. Once again we see interest from Sweden where I believe there is more interest in LENR per capita than any other country. That’s what my website traffic stats show, and there are many other indicators too.

Congratulations to the MFMP team, and kudos to Bobcat for being willing to publicly support LENR.