MFMP Progress on New Powder Cell

I chatted with Bob Greenyer at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project just recently and he gave me an update about the work they are currently doing on their new powder cell. Below is a report and videos.
We have some really nice videos of the New powder cell and work on the sparker.These really show people what it is like to actually do this stuff and the precautions that need to be taken.

We’re going to  ramp up into “activation zone” – according to Mizuno, Celani, etc., — butwe have not decided yet how much it loaded over last night – but looks like it might have been a lot. We are following what we know of Brian Aherns approach with this and we have a dummy run with larger powder to refer back to. Going to hold at 1W for a little while longer before ramping up to 2W.

– Taking out the powder cell from the rest of its apparatus

– Swapping the micro powder (used for the dummy run) with the Quantum Sphere Inc Nano 10nm powder

– Preparing to test noise suppression circuitry on acquisition boards intended to run alongside Stoyan Sarg’s Tesla tech based HV sparker

Also – over the last few days – we have done room temperature and “below activation” temperature loading (adsorption and absorption) of the 10nm QSI powder – a stunning pressure reduction was observed. Now approaching the first critical phase of this Nano Ni powder only experiment series.

For more information and access to date files go here: