Mills Comments on July 21st Blacklight Power Demonstration

E-Cat World readers may remember that on July 21st (yesterday) there was a demonstration scheduled by Blacklight Power showing the latest developments of their technologies to selected invitees. There was nothing posted yesterday that I could find, but ECW reader artefact has found some comments by BLP CEO Randell Mills on the Society for Classical Physics Yahoo message board where he sometimes comments.

Asked by a group member yesterday about how the demonstration went, Mills responded:

Showed new technology for the first time. Gave timeline for commercial-type unit.

In response to a request for a short summary of what took place at the demo, Mills wrote:

The main aspects were the presentation of the complete system design and a unit that demonstrates those elements of the fast ignition and regeneration, and optical distribution and photovoltaic conversion systems.

Based on work of our engineering firms we are pushing to have a 100 kW electric,field testable power generator in 16 to 18 weeks.

I would imagine that as in the past, BLP will have recorded the event and will publish it on their website sometime in the near future, but we have a little idea now of what took place.

Thanks, artefact!