Recent Blacklight Power Demo Videos Posted

Thanks to Mr. Moho for finding the videos from the recent Blacklight Power demonstration which took place on July 21st. I haven’t watched them yet — it looks like there is about four hours worth of material here. Just watching the very beginning of the video BLP CEO Randall Mills says they are working very hard to move their technology into the marketplace very quickly; he says they have finally worked through many theoretical and practical issues and now have a 3rd generation of their technology which he feels is ready to launch in a commercial product.

The synopsis from Youtube reads:

Specific events included: ignition of H2O-based solid fuel in air and argon atmospheres, calorimetric energy balance determination under argon, EUV spectroscopy of the hydrogen transitions to hydrinos, theory, technical, engineering, and commercialization presentations, and live demonstrations of BlackLight’s Third Generation SunCell with Photovoltaic Conversion of Light to Electricity. The main engineering aspects of the presentation were the complete system design and a unit that demonstrated those elements of the fast ignition and regeneration as well as optical distribution and photovoltaic conversion systems. A question and answer session was held with participation by three validators: a materials expert, an energetic materials and spectroscopy expert, and a defense company licensee.