Rossi: Shipping Container Design Still in Use for 1MW Plants

Many of the available images available of the E-Cat are of the large blue shipping container inside which Andrea Rossi built his first plant in Italy. Yesterday Rossi explained that the new 1MW plant that they will install at a customer’s site on will be built in the same way:

Andrea Rossi
July 30th, 2014 at 8:11 AM
In due time we will publish the photographies of the plant in operation. Anyway: the new series of 1MW ECAT ha substantial differences from the original prototype, but, yes, we use a standard container as external case. More compact, though. We maintained this solution to make the plants easy to transport and faster to build up.
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If I remember correctly I think the idea of building inside a shipping container was first suggested by a reader of the Journal of Nuclear Physics in the very early days. It sounds like there have been quite a few changes inside the plant, but it may be that from the outside they look very similar.

If Industrial Heat is going into mass production and distribution, then they will certainly need to be easy to ship, and there is plenty of infrastructure in place throughout the world that allows for easy transportation of containers by rail, sea and road.

Below is a picture of the early 1MW plant in transit.


Source: Journal of Nuclear Physics