A Day in the Life of Andrea Rossi

For those of us interested not just in the E-Cat as an invention, but also its inventor, Andrea Rossi has responded to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about his daily routine these days. I must say that I have always found the daily habits and routines of people I consider to be significant to be interesting — so I’m glad to get a little glimpse into the daily life of Andrea Rossi.

This is his report:

For whom it may interest: I wake up at 6, run 1 hour ( or bike, or tennis, or swim, I consider mandatory 1 hour exercise per day), two hours per day are dedicated to study Physics, mandatory, either related to the E-Cat or independent from it, or at least not directly related. Twelve hours are dedicated to the work on the E-Cats and Hot Cats, which depends on the specific situation, can be experiments in the laboratory, control of the manufacturing to study better systems, invention every day of new things to make it better together with the great Team with which I share the job in IH. This can happen in the factory of IH or of the Customer of IH or in other locations of IH: inventions, I can’t help to stay without them. Measurements analysis are a daily duty too. Obviously meetings are part of the job, to maintain a clear vision of the precise duties of every component of the Team, that vibrate upon a dynamic field. The remaining hours are dedicated to my personal life, usually, but many times these plans have to change: it happened that I had to stay 36 hours straight on a plant in critical operation to control it, without sleeping, eating, just drinking water. Luckily God gave me strong excess of stamina and I use it, if necessary, to the limit. In September I am afraid this situation will be frequent, but with the help of my great team we can do it. Failure is not an option.
Hobby: I adhore to read books of Physics, I need to learn. Recreation: Play Tennis with my woman ( much stronger than me). I also like to play drums ( Jazz), but I have no more the time to exercise, so I am losing the skill: years ago I was very good, now I stink.
Warm Regards,

I find the habit of two hours per day studying physics to be very impressive. It sounds like an arduous habit to me, but Rossi says he ‘adhores’ (sic) it — which makes it sound like a great pleasure for him — indeed, he counts it as a hobby. We probably wouldn’t have the E-Cat if he wasn’t such a student of physics.

I think there are a few clues in this narrative. It sounds like the IH team is getting ready for a September start up of the E-Cat plant at the customer’s site. I remember Rossi saying that when they did the 24 hour acceptance test for Industrial Heat in May of 2013 that he didn’t sleep at all — and I think that’s the 36 hour session he is referring to here.

It would seem that the Industrial Heat customer must be fairly close to the IH factory if Rossi works in either place. Also there is mention here of more than one IH location: the factory, or ‘other locations of IH.’

Anyway, from this account it sounds like Rossi is constantly busy. He doesn’t mention here the time he spends responding to questions on the JONP or communicating via email. I have to say that Rossi is a very diligent correspondent. He invariably answers serious questions — and usually very promptly. We would be almost totally in the dark about the E-Cat were it not for his commitment to correspond with the world through his web site. I think this aspect of his work is probably unprecedented in the history of important inventions.