To the E-Cat Testing Team (Guest Post)

The following guest post has been submitted by Hank Mills.

Dear Testing Team,

For many months you have had unlimited access to three E-Cat reactors. From Andrea Rossi’s comments, I have been led to believe that you have full permission to do whatever you want with these devices: test them in any manner you choose, observe the reactions in any way you choose, and study the powder or fuel with any equipment you choose. It seems you have an opportunity to study the Energy Catalyzer in amazing detail. In fact, Dr. Rossi has stated that if you were able to build an E-Cat on your own and test it successfully, you would be allowed to publish all the instructions in the report.

In addition to performing calorimetry to determine if excess heat is produced, I hope you have attempted to acquire enough information about the fuel to allow for third parties, including your group, to replicate. I hope during the time you have had that you have performed every type of test possible on the fuel to determine its composition, isotopic ratio, hydrogenation, particle size, and surface features. Such information would be invaluable in allowing other teams to build E-Cat devices, test them, and producing commensurate test results.

Replication is critical to the scientific method. Already, the E-Cat has been proven to work beyond reasonable doubt. However, until dozens of teams around the world are able to access the ‘recipe’ for an E-Cat, build one themselves, and obtain positive results there will still be overly skeptical individuals who will doubt your report.

I would urge you to include a section in the report with all the information you have obtained that would be useful in building an E-Cat. So far, after several years of this saga, no one has been able to build a nickel-hydrogen reactor that has produced more than a few tens of watts. For this to change, there needs to be a source of information that scientists can use while they plan their replication attempts. Your paper could be that reference. The report that will soon be released could be the spark that starts a series of thousands of replications across the globe. It’s very possible your report could have a legacy of being one of the most important publications in history.

All of this depends, in my opinion, on the information contained in the report. Since Andrea Rossi has said you have full permission to obtain and share all information you have gathered about the E-Cat, I urge you to take advantage of the situation. For the good of the planet, we need this technology to be accepted as real by the mainstream scientific community and proliferate widely and quickly. In a world where inferior energy technologies such as solar and wind receive billions of dollars in funding, a viable LENR technology like the E-Cat would be a game changer.

The E-Cat offers the world an ideal source of power. It has none of the drawbacks of fossil fuels or conventional nuclear power, no reliance on weather conditions, and no harm to the environment. It is simply a technology that should exist in the realms of science fiction, not in real life. The truth is, however, it does exist. I consider it an Easter Egg in the fabric of reality. If any information should be spread far and wide, it should be how to construct and produce an E-Cat reactor.

In the past I would have been more defensive about a third party giving away secrets or proprietary information that might belong to Andrea Rossi. But it now seems that he has given your team permission to share anything you discover about the E-Cat to the world. I believe you have a duty to make the most out of this opportunity. If you do not, I believe you will be doing a disservice to humanity.

Please use your report to inform the world about how to replicate this paradigm shifting technology. With billions of people to provide for, a planet being damaged by pollution, and economy starving for a cheap source of power, there is no time to waste.

Hank Mills