IH Working on Micro-Scale E-Cats?

Someone asked yesterday here if I was on vacation. No, I am still here, watching and waiting along with everyone else.

It seems like the LENR world has almost ground to a standstill as we wait for the E-Cat report to be released. Andrea Rossi himself has talked about having ‘exponential anxiety’ waiting for the release of the report, and does not seem to have knowledge of when the report will be published, although today he said, “I expect it anytime.”

Rossi has said that he will get to read the report 3-4 days in advance of the publication, but has given no indication of whether he has received it yet. I’m not expecting him to announce he has read it before the rest of the world sees it, but I suppose he might drop a clue.

Yesterday there were some intriguing responses from Rossi that gave an indication that IH may be looking into micro -scale E-Cats. There were three questions asked by Koen Vandewalle, each receiving a one word answer from Rossi.

1. Can we expect that it will be possible to initiate one single Rossi-Effect-reaction on the time you want it to occur and on the place you choose, e.g: one specific nickel “grain” ? A: Yes
2. Can it, if former is positive, be managed to generate a predefined amount of excess energy ?
I mean scientifically, not commercially profitable or exploitable. A: Yes
3. Is this part of your R&D ? A: Yes

It’s tantalizing stuff, but I think we’re unlikely to hear much more about it in the near future. We really have no idea what the status of R&D is at Industrial heat, except for little snippets like this that Rossi drops once in a while.

Anyway, right now, the thing on everyone’s minds is the third party report which could conceivably show up any time now (although it could conceivably not show up soon, too). If it’s a convincing report it could have far-reaching implications and repercussions. If the ‘Rossi Effect’ is demonstrated to be robust and reliable, there is no telling what kinds of refinements could be made — and mini E-Cats as implied by Rossi here, might well be one type application that could be developed over time.