XPRIZE offers $20 Million for ‘Forbidden Energy’

Thanks to Dr. Bob for highlighting this video on his website. XPRIZE is a nonprofit founded by futurist Peter Diamandis which offers prizes to incentivize innovation. Below is a video clip from this year’s XPRIZE “Visioneering Workshop” at which the conferencees voted that “Forbidden Energy” should be what the prize should be for this year.

XPRIZE board member Barry Thompson explains that today there is an ‘inquisition of scientific mindsets’ that is holding back breakthroughs in science. He mentions that scientists consider that energy sources like cold fusion, zero-point energy are possible, but that in reality no one can investigate it in academia because of blacklisting and a code of silence surrounding these unpopular topics.

This year XPRIZE is offering $20 million to the first team that can produce ‘substantive energy generation’ from an ‘entirely new method’ twice in two weeks.

See the video below for more.

I’m pretty sure that the E-Cat would qualify for the criteria mentioned, but I don’t know if Industrial Heat will go after the prize — maybe someone should alert Andrea Rossi about it.