Perspective on the 1MW Plant Problems (Omega Z)

We have many perceptive and articulate posters contributing here at E-Cat World, and I wanted to find a way to feature certain posts that I think deserve more attention than they may get in the comments area. So I have added this ‘Featured Reader Comments’ area to the site. Below are two comments in response to the news that Andrea Rossi posted yesterday about the problems involved with the 1 MW plant.

I’m neither surprised or disappointed by this news. It’s totally to be expected. Ganging 100 reactors together & keeping them in sync & stable is a far cry from controlling a single reactor on a work bench.

Thrown into a processing facility would add many new variables to boot. There’s always the wild card in these situations. Sudden unpredictable changes can occur at any time. Real World.

It would be extremely likely that additional sensors or controls will need to be added. And additional parameters added to the computer programming in the control box.

I once watched a team of 3 technicians spend a year working out kinks on a system somewhat similar as this. Of course they had it much easier as they were working with a multiple burner natural gas system. Not as simple as one would think. Note: this was a special purpose system.

With a couple hundred parameters, you can change just 1 with issues & have to re-calibrate most or all the others. And re-calibrating means making a change and waiting, possibly hours before readjusting or moving on to the next. At any given point, this could require starting all over.

Note that even when the task is achieved, It needs monitored for quite sometime(Months) to be sure all the issues have been addressed. Future Customers are going to want assurances of this.

All should take 1 thing into consideration: This is a non-conventional energy source. There is nothing else you can really compare it to. I Guess, Industrial Heat could spring for the cost of the premier expert on E-cats, but– Oh, Wait.

Omega Z