ExtremeTech Covers The E-Cat Test

Here’s the title of an article on ExtremeTech:

“Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline”

It’s a good overview of the test with some interesting analysis. For example:

“The researchers are very careful about not actually saying that cold fusion/LENR is the source of the E-Cat’s energy, instead merely saying that an “unknown reaction” is at work. In serious scientific circles, LENR is still a bit of a joke/taboo topic. The paper is actually somewhat comical in this regard: The researchers really try to work out how the E-Cat produces so much darn energy — and they conclude that fusion is the only answer — but then they reel it all back in by adding: “The reaction speculation above should only be considered as an example of reasoning and not a serious conjecture.”

“Anyway, now that we’ve got the necessary cynicism/scrutiny out of the way, let’s get down to what everyone’s really interested in: The utterly insane amounts of energy produced by the E-Cat.

“To put this into perspective, the E-Cat tested by the researchers has an energy density of 1.6×109 Wh/kg and power density of 2.1×106 W/kg. This is orders (plural) of magnitude higher than anything else ever tested — somewhere in the region of 100 times more power than the best supercapacitors, and maybe a million times more energy than gasoline. In the words of the researchers, “These values place the E-Cat beyond any other known conventional source of energy.””

It’s nice to see the test being taken seriously here. Even if people might find the results hard to believe, and be naturally skeptical, my hope is that some people will look at what has been reported with an open, curious mind. I’m glad to see more prominent web sites giving real attention to the E-Cat. I feel articles like this could open the subject to a wider audience.

Already there are 180 comment on the article. About par for the course with this subject. I haven’t yet delved into the comments section, but I am sure there will be a lively discussion going on there!