Joe Shea Reports on the E-Cat Test at CNN’s iReport

Long-time ECW contributor Joe Shea has written an article that has been posted in CNN’s iReport section (where readers can post news stories). Joe’s article is titled ‘At Last, Fuel For Our Dreams’, and

There are solid indications from the transformation of its secret catalyst that a nuclear reaction is taking place, but the most sophisticated radiation-seeking devices that exist cannot find any evidence at all of radioactivity. That is baffling to a great many scientists, who frequently say it is impossible . . .

But, as I have said elsewhere tonight, the countless millions of people who live without clean water, lights, communications and fuel, who haunt this world like the ghosts of great wars and vanished civilizations, are the real beneficiaries of this technology, of Andrea Rossi’s “impossible invention” and dreams as old as humanity.

Joe Shea writes on energy and other topics at The American Reporter, and is also the author of the novel, POWER: A Story of Cold Fusion