Sterling Allan Interviews Frank Acland — Reflections a Week after E-Cat Test Results (Sterling Allan)

I had a nice interview with Frank on October 16 as part of my series. I think you guys will enjoy it.

After my This Week In Free Energy review (which was mostly E-Cat news), we ruminated not just about the E-Cat results, but about Franks involvement as a reporter in this sector since Rossi showed up in January of 2011 with his first big splash announcement.

By now, Franks says he is convinced that there is definitely an effect that is worth pursuing and can change the world for the better, in a major way.

Frank gave you guys here a big plug saying that the comments posted add like 10x more value to the site.

You can see my notes and links for the show at

You can listen to the audio here:

I didn’t add extra images this time, to go along with the audio, like I usually do.

Unfortunately, the audio from Frank wasn’t that great, but you can tell what he’s saying, most of the time.

Exciting days ahead. Who will be first to replicate the E-Cat? It seems that is the next big milestone we can look forward to.

I give it 6 months. Did you hear the starting gun last week? The race is on.