A Theory to Work With (Anon)

An associate of mine, who resides here in the U.S., and I have for some time been discussing the E-Cat and related LENR topics. He recently shared some ideas concerning the newly published bound neutron tunneling paper.

What’s really nice with Carl-Oscar Gullström’s recently published paper is to see a graduate student taking on the problem and actually pumping out a theory and paper!

In the spring of 2011 I thought that the Gamow Factor — where George Gamow proposed that tunneling can produce fusion at certain levels particle energy — could account for tunneling taking place in the E-Cat reaction, but I thought it might have been proton tunneling . . . neutron tunneling didn’t occur to me because I lacked the energy calculations which I believe are what led Gullström to his conclusions.

The theory presented accounts for the Lithium…most probably the ‘secret-sauce’ catalyst.

Those seeking to replicate Rossi now should be taking this theory into account. It provides a method to experimentally determine whether the theory is accurate because outcomes and values are now predictable according to the theory.

Experiments to disprove or validate this theory now may be undertaken, and I hope that they are.