Rossi Asks for Help: Cold Fusion Referred to in Manhattan Project?

I am passing on a request for help from Andrea Rossi that was posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today. Maybe there are readers who might be able to assist Rossi with this question:

To the Readers, request of help:
Today I have been informed from an Indian nuclear physicist that, during the Manhattan Project, Oppenheimer and Teller expressed the opinion that cold fusion was a possibility. If true, this is important under a historical point of view, but I have not been able to find a reference of this. Is any of our Readers able to inform us about similar reference?
Warm Regards,

Personally I have never heard of such a thing, but perhaps someone here may have some knowledge of what he is referring to. It’s the kind of thing that might not be published on the Internet since the Manhattan project took place during World War II.

And what would they have called cold fusion back then, anyway?